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    Surikogiflex getting "Error Getting Page List"


      Hi guys,

      I’m totally new with InDesign Server and relatively new with Flex. I’ve installed the surikogi/suribachi demo for (with) InDesign-Server CS5.5 and Flex. It’s all running fine, but I get one problem if I try to change the stories, especially to see the previews at the right side of the screen. If I choose the a story and open it, the story will be shown(and ready for editing) on the left, but seconds later an error comes up with “Error Getting Page List”. I don´t know why!? Is there a missing pagelist.xml like the storylist.xml in the suribachiassets folder in the downloadable .zip?

      The other question is: if I use the CreateStoryList.jsx to generate the storylist.xml there are parameters missing for layoutName="" and layoutIdentifier="". Why is this happening?


      Thanks for dealing with my problems