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    Hyperlink issue in PDF

    Mac_06 Level 2

      Hi Folks,

      I am crashing my head under this issue but no luck.


      I had some hyperlinks in my indesign CS5 document which have a shared folder destination for hyperlinks in page items. Now if I tried to jump to destination from Indesign document it directs me at correct folder so far so good but as I export this document to PDF and in PDF if I try to click on the link it directs me at browser and obviously alerted that URL not found.


      Is there is some work around to fix this discrepancy or this a bug of Indesign CS5.




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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Make sure you're patched to the latest version of InDesign CS5. Are these hyperlinks to page items in different files in different folders? These often break when exported to PDF. You should should have all the PDF files in the same folder for best results, I've been told.


          Also try a Google search on "indesign relative hyperlinks" for other discussions on the topic.

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            Mac_06 Level 2

            Thanks for quick reply,


            I've patched my Indesign to latest patch. Hyperlinks destination is in folder itself not prompting to open any file (e.g. \\\\tewaveserver\\source).

            while opening in Acrobat, It addes the path PDF file is saved (e.g. /C/productpdf\\tewaveserver\source) where "/C/productpdf" is the path where PDF is saved.


            I saw one relative thread to forum and unchecked the option in PDF preferences->internet->Display PDF in browser. though it stoped now browsing link in internet but still not opening respective folder also.



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              Mac_06 Level 2

              Finally I got the solution, use of forward slash(/) in lieu of backward slash(\) solved everything itself.

              Path recognized by PDF should be URN only as it sounds.




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                I can't replicate this. Did you change all the \ in the file address to /? When I do that and click on the link the Interactive PDF, nothing happens. If I Ctrl+click an error message pops up that says the url is set to file:////server/folder...  This makes sense because there is no path //server/folder.  The path is \\server\folder. I'm not sure what you meant by this: "Path recognized by PDF should be URN only as it sounds."




                [EDIT]  When I set my default internet browser to Internet Explorer, it works. I guess my problem is solved, but if anyone knows if there's a way to make it work without changing the browser, please let me know.