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    Chm filename issue - Spaces vs Underscores

      I am in the process of generating a .chm file, that is going to contain 'remote topic' links. All of my help files are going to also be merged at somepoint. The documentation for merged help files states that .chm filenames cannot contains spaces. So I made sure all my help files names contains underscores in place of spaces. I then went back into the .chm project and edited the remote topic links to point to the revised underscored filename of the remote .chm file. However when I compile the .chm and attempt to click on the remote topic I get a 'page not found'. Can anyone tell me why this might be happening?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi deanad

          I think you will find that underscores are also troublesome here. I'd stick with no spaces or underscores. Perhaps using capital letters to differentiate segments. For example:

          My Wonderful Help File.CHM OR My_Wonderful_Help_File.CHM


          Cheers... Rick
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            deanad Level 1

            Thank you for your extremely prompt response! Removing the underscores seems to address the issue.

            Too bad I had to learn about it the hard way. The Robohelp documentation states clearly the CHM file names cannot include spaces. However the 'Remote Topic' documentation doesn't say anything about not accpeting CHM filenames with underscores. Hopefull the documentaion will get updated accordingly.

            Thanks again for the response!