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    Webcam recording application


      Hi all.


      I am pretty new to Flash development so here goes.


      I have got FMS dev server running and it seems to work. Also have the trial version of CS5 and using FlashDevelop.


      There is an absolute barrage of information on the topic at hand but never a beginner's guide, so to speak.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to create the following.


      I need a loosestanding web application that records the video and audio from the webcam/microphone combination. First prize would be to store this as an FLV (or other compressed video) locally for later processing. Second prize is to stream it to FMS and store there. This will need to function in a ASP.NET site hosted in IIS as a plugin.


      So the question is (and already managed to create an swf from a tutorial in CS5 that streams a specific FLV back to the SWF) how to do this. Sufferring from overload somewhat so if the experts would not mind to give me a few do's and donts and maybe, please, a tutorial that I have missed.


      Main questions are:


      1. How to set up the flash app to record the video stream with sound.

      2. How to make this file available for .NET to use.


      Would really appreciate any assistance.