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    Hide/Unhide Multiple Fields via Radio Button

    kmc27 Level 1

      Hello All


      I am using the script below on a radio button to hide and unhide a field on a form. I also want to use the same button to control another field named "lbl_dynamic instructions"  The Acrobat forms book I am using as a guide does not address the hiding and unhiding of more than one field at a time. My attempts to add the second field haven't been successfull. How can I revise the script to control two fields instead of one?


      Thanks in advance for any ideas on this.



      var lst_dynamicFld = this.getField("lst_dynamic")


      if (event.target.value == "Yes")    {

          lst_dynamicFld.hidden = false


      else    {

          lst_dynamicFld.hidden = true