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    PDF web viewer frame is too small


      Every time I try to open a PDF on this website, the frame for the viewer is only a thin strip, not the whole frame (image attached).  This never happened before until I installed Windows 7 64-bit.  It happens in all browsers both 32-bit and 64-bit (not just Internet Explorer).  I would think it has something ot do with the website, but I did not have a problem when I had Windows XP 64-bit installed., I have concluded that there is some settingin Adobe that is different with this new install.


      I have gone through every setting in Adobe's preferences and also in the web browsers' settings and cannot find anything that fixes the issue.


      Has anyone come across this before?  I know of several other epople having the same issue with both Windows 7 and XP.  Very frustrating.PDF Problem.jpg