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    Cataloging your files?

    csgaraglino Level 1

      I have been using CatDV - but none of the information transfers to PP and I have to create

      scaled-down MP4 files because it cannot handle .m2ts files.


      With that said - I am spending a lot of time tagging and adding notes to project clips that don't seem to be doing anything?


      I already copy the files form a project to a project directory and in many cases I have them divided into subdirectories based on generic subject.

      But, I need the ability to go even deeper - I need the ability to watch a clip, tag it with 6-7 keywords and some comments; then be able to search for this at a later date.


      For example I have footage from the Colorado Mountains from roughly all seasons for the paste couple of years.

      I am about to shoot a Wedding here in Colorado in the Fall of a couple NOT from this area - so I want to search all my projects for "outdoor, fall, mountain" in order to get some b-roll footage of Colorado in the Fall. This way I don't have to go re-shoot that which I already have.


      Is there a simple and basic way of tagging and adding comments to footage that PP can see, use and search on?