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    Best settings for using PE7 for a Kickstarter video?


      I'm working on a video for a kickstarter campaign using PE7, with video from my Flip Mino HD. My basic question is what set-up and output settings produce the best quality video for online? Here's what a Kickstarter video should look like.



      The video from the Flip is HD, MPEG-4, widescreen. It shows up on PE7 with NO red lines and plays fine there.


      The Kickstarter frame appears to be 560px x 420px. They accept MOV, MPEG, AVI, MP4, 3GP, WMV, FLV, with the max. size of 200MB. They also suggest bitrates of around 1500.


      I assume I should use the EXPORT function for more choices, rather than the SHARE one? What setting do you suggest?


      When I've exported in MOV, MP4, AVI or WMV, I get data on top of the video. Never had this problem before. How do I get rid of it?

      Turtle data copy.jpg


      Thanks for the help.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you're editing video from a Flip camcorder, you'll need to upgrade to version 9, the first version of Premeire Elements to support this type of video. No previous version is going to work well with it.


          As for output, I'd recommend you use thse output settings. Most likely Kickstarter will accept this video and then automatically convert it to the format necessary for the site.


          From the Share tab,  choose Computer and then QuickTime/MOV.  Choose the DV preset and then click the Advanced button.


          From the settings window, do the following:

          Video Tab
          *Video Codec: H.264
          *Quality: 100
          *Frame Wdith: 855
          *Frame Height: 480
          *Frame Rate: 29.97
          *Field Type: Progressive
          *Pixel Aspect Ratio: square
          *Set Bitrate: checked
          *Bitrate: 8000 kbps


          Audio Tab
          *Audio Code: AAC
          *Output Channels: Stereo
          *Frequency: 44kHz

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            dezhonu Level 1

            I have to admit I was leary of buying the upgrade since I've made a few movies from my Flip camera with PE7. But I downloaded 9 as a trial, and the results were amazing. Much better quality. Thanks!