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    Ideal performance hardware

    mathewlisett Level 1

      what are the "top" specs if going the intel route, from memory cpu hdd / ssd


      and if any card would be good, what would it be and why considering cuda doesnt matter.

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          I suppose the answers to your questions depend on who you are and what you're doing.


          You could be a high school kid with a flipcam making inane, dopey videos for YouTube.

          You could be a web designer making animations to fit in a certain spot on the page.

          You could be a corporate photog charged with putting the latest sales meeting on DVD.

          You could be a director making a new hip-hop video to run on BET.

          You could be an editor at a TV station making commercials for broadcast.

          You could be a freelancer producing multiscreen animated presentations for big corporate events.

          You could be an independent film producer getting your latest zombie romance flick ready for film festivals.

          You could be an editor in the midst of delivering a hour-long program for the History Channel.


          So who are you and what are you doing, bud?

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            mathewlisett Level 1

            I am   a person that will be doing a lot of video editing, but will also be using PS.  I will also be doing my website ie learning, but im always thinkign ahead as in investment and not thinkign in the way of what am i capable of right now.


            previously i thought getting the gtx590 was the answer to it all becuase of the cuda inside and dual gpu's, so to me performance was answered, but then ive learned that even with PP cuda is limited, and AE doesnt seem to use cuda at all.


            Im also a consumer that tests software at i guess a mid range consumer level, as i had previously done a very in depth review of vreveal and recently spoke to the maker of the software.


            and since im aware in the last 1 (not just 2011) that hardware has significantly changed for the better, which is why im also glad i didnt touch my previous system which was a q6600 oc'd to 4.2 with 8gb ddr2


            i was lookign at the intel i7 2600k and at least 16gb memory

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              This video walks through the system requirements for Premiere Pro and After Effects and makes recommendations for each kind of component:


              It also refers to a couple of other good resources for addressing this question.

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                This video answered my question perfectly.  Thank you.  (i deleted my question as I found out processing multiple frames at one time was my issue) I don't have enough RAM.  lol... Thank you for the video