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    How can I add custom toolbar buttons to load different TOCs?


      In my WebHelp output, I want to have custom buttons on the toolbar that when clicked load a specific TOC in the left navigation pane. For example, when the user clicks the PC button, the PC TOC loads in the left pane. When the user clicks the VM button, the VM TOC loads in the left pane. All of the help files are managed in one project and some files will appear in both TOCs.


      I think this should be possible but not sure how to make it happen. Is there some JavaScript that I should add to the custom toolbar item to load the TOC on click? How do I specify the TOC that I want to show for each button?


      BTW - I'm using RoboHelp 8 (8.0.2) to generate WebHelp output. Thanks in advance for your help!