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    Premiere CS 5.0.4 on OSX Leopard 10.5.8 crashes on Quiting program


      I've scoured the web and forums looking for a solution to this. Most have said to check your folder permissions, which I have, and that does not fix it in my setup. I would really appreciate some assistance to troubleshoot this. Everytime I Quit out of Premiere Pro CS 5.0.4 running on a OSX 10.5.8, the program hangs in the dock until I eventually get these errors:


      From Apple:


      "The application Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 quit unexpectedly."


      From Adobe:


      "Adobe has detected that the application Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 has unexpectedly quit."


      Just troublesome, as I have clients coming in and it's embarrassing to be working on projects in front of them, and the program comes up with a crash message.