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    Help with app crash CS5.5

    Daxman1965 Level 1

      Hi, need some help please.


      Sytem spec:


      Win 7 64 ultimate

      Asus P6X58D-E Mobo

      Antec P190 case with Antec neo link 550 + 650 psu


      24 gig Corsair GT ram

      GTX 480

      600 gig Velociraptor OS

      Intel RS2BL080 (4 x 1 Tb Raid 0 = Video and Audio files 3 x 1Tb Raid 0 Render  & Preview)

      1 x Tb storage.

      Black Magic Ultrastudio Pro USB 3


      I am busy editing some DVCAM (EX1R) PAL mixed with some HD GOPRO 720 50fps and after about 10minutes of editing the machines starts to hang and drop frames then CS5.5 shuts down and gives the following message: check attached file.


      when I restart Pr all works fine again for about 10 minutes. I have all updates and have the same results if I OC or run stock settings. I have uninstalled Nvidia drivers and tried older ones with the same results.