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    Spark Datagrid and IViewCursor


      For me, one of the really good bits about the data views in Flex 3 are the ability to use an IViewCursor as the mechanism for seeking through the dataprovider. It is a very efficient way of 'flattening' out data for display in lists/grids.


      We have been trying to migrate our Flex 3 application to flex 4, and in particular use the (up until now, I thought excellent) spark datagrid. Unfortunately it seems that the usage of cursors has been dropped and that the DataGridLayout actually uses 'getItemAt' when trawling through the dataprovider. This is far less efficient - especially if you want to flatten heirarchical data.


      Is there any reason why this has been done?


      Is there any way to provide an IViewCursor to a Flex 4 dataview?


      It's a crying shame if this excellent piece of functionality has been removed from Flex 4.


      Conrad Winchester