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    Cannot figure out how to select 'part' of footage to work on. Must be an answer.

    msp1518 Level 1

      You guys have always been helpful, that is for sure. I am just stumped and after watching more video tutorials than I can shake a stick at, I am throwing my hands up to ask question.


      Say I have 90 seconds of footage in one shot. It is a DSLR shot. I want just five seconds of that footage to be warp stabilized. Just five seconds. The same five seconds used in my edit (in Premiere Pro CS5 timeline).


      I have AE 5.5 installed as a trial. So I cannot open the piece of footage into AE.


      So when I try and take the full original file/clip that piece of footage came from and open it into AE, I am unable to find a way to just select the footage I want to use Warp Stabilizer on.


      Is this making sense? It wants to analye the entire file.


      In Premiere Pro it is EASY to select footage. Piece of cake, right down to the frame.


      No matter what I do, AE wants to analyze all 1 zillion frames from the entire DSLR footage. I just want to stabilize 5 seconds.


      So I know I am an indiot. The answer is right there, but I cannot find it. I have worked two days trying to figure this out.


      What I have been forced to do is export each little clip I want stabilized from Premiere Pro as an uncompressed file. God, what a nightmare.


      Please, somebody point me to the answer. I beg of you.