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    Publishing multiple swfs from a single flash builder project


      I have a flash builder 4.5 pure as3 project. Originally there was one document class and it was publishing a swf with the same name. Except for the standard flash builder bugs, that was working most of the time.


      Now I need to add a preloader in to the mix.


      So I made a Preloader.as class in my classpath and added that to my runnable applicaiton files in the projects menu. (I need this to be a seperate swf and not deffered loading on frame two)


      Then I go to run/debug settings to set it up so that preloader can compile out a preloader.swf.


      It doesn't work. It gives me a missing html file error.


      Also, I want different comiler settings between the preloader and the main document class, yet only seem to have the option to add a single project wide compiler settings.


      Can some one please explain to me the best practice for setting something like this up, or point me to documentation that covers this?