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    Issues w/ Intensity Pro on Mac

    Don Fito

      Hi everyone,


      New to PP 5.5.0 (coming from FCP). I'm using a Blackmagic Intensity Pro card for external monitoring and I'm having 2 issues:


      1. I can view video out thru the card but don't get audio when playing from the sequence or program monitor no matter what audio output source I choose in Preferences > Audio Hardware (even after relaunching PP). Audio meters show the correct levels.


      2. Neither video nor audio will play out through the card to the external monitor when playing a clip from the source monitor.


      My test clip is a PP generated Bars & Tone clip, DVCPro HD 1080i that I've placed into a project created with the Blackmagic DVCProHD 1080 59.94i preset.


      Here're my system Specs:

      - Mac Pro tower  2 x 3GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon, 8 GB RAM, ATI Radeon X1900 512MB VRAM, OSX 10.6.6, dual Dell monitors

      - 8.2 Beta 3 Intensity Driver for Mac

      - PPro 5.5

      - External Video Monitor


      Hope to hear from all you some possible solutions.





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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          This sounds like some settings need to be changed in Adobe and Midi/Audio in OSX. BTW did you change your media player to Blackmagic under the preferences yet and then try playing the clips in the source monitor?




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            Don Fito Level 1

            Thanks for the tips. Got some success:


            1. Choosing -> Preferences -> Player Settings -> Blackmagic Design Playback


            Now I get both video & audio out to the external monitor via the intensity pro card when using a Blackmagic preset sequence.


            One thing that is interesting is that if I use a Premiere sequence setting, I can get video & audio out via the intensity card from the Source Monitor but not the Program Monitor.


            Another interesting observation is that when using a Blackmagic preset and the Blackmagic Playback, that audio out can't be split, i.e., no matter what I choose under Preferences -> Audio Hardware -> Default Device, audio and video both come out via the intensity card. When using a Premiere preset audio can be routed to other devices including the Intensity Pro card audio out.