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    RoboHelp HTML v9 - Browse Sequence not appearing when generated


      RoboHelp HTML v9

      New project - eg not converted from previous version


      Added a browse sequence as per the help documentation - I've followed the help documentation however when I get to view result of the generated WebHelp - the browse sequence is not present on the topic pages that were added to the browse sequence.


      I read previous forum postings for RH8 - where reinstalling or repairing the software seemed to assist - however when I access through control panel - add/remove programs the only option in to Remove RH9.


      So I thought I'd ask the question here before uninstalling.


      There was also mention of a dll file that needs to be registered on the viewers pc before the browse sequence would appear and if this is the case due to the possible audience for the publish I would not be able to control that.


      Any help is appriciated, thanks.