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    Okay, I'm officially twisted over fxpl

    Kristin95762 Level 1

      How in the heck do you use these files in Flash Builder?


      I created a CAtalyst project. It has 2 buttons, a list, 2 text areas and a custom combobox (I'm pretty proud of that one). It all works when I test the project in Catalyst.


      I saved the whole thing as an fxpl, imported it into FB, and used the build path to reference it in my project.


      My PROBLEM is... that FB doesn't recognize any of the components except the combo box. I can't drag anything into design view except that. Oh yeah, the components do show up in the package explorer, in their individual parts (which I assume is normal). In the custom components folder, the only references are to PARTS of my components, mostly just the repeating item skin! I can't drag my buttons or any other objects into the design view because they are not in the custom components folder.


      I tried importing individual fxpl files. What showed up in the custom components folder was the PrivateData file generated by Catalyst.


      I located the SWC file, added it to my project, and it created a new directory in my project called Referenced files. Then in the custom components folder it copied the PrivateData file.


      Could you please set me straight?