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    Webservice Integration


      I have developed a sample web service using axis and deployed onto a tomcat server. Both the client and the servers reside in the same domain.

      One of the web services takes a java object as an input. I did not find any reference where I could send the java object to mx:WebService tag. The java class definition is part of the WSDL and is defined using XML schema.


      <mx:WebService id="ws"

      <mx:operation name="GetValue">
      //how to pass the java input object ?
      //mx:object ? If so, how ?

      Any ideas as to how to best handle such situation ? Any samples or pointers ?

      Thanks in Advance.
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          Jumru Level 1
          Any one there ?
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            I can not exect way without looking your WSDL, but I think you can sent input data as a object of ActionScript.
            In my project, some WebService methods, which need a few parameters, are called like this:

            <mx:operation name="someOperation">
            <Account>{user.Account}</Account> <-- Normal String
            <Password>{user.Password}</Password> <-- Normal String
            <Record>{record}</Record> <-- Object
            The object named "record" is a object defined like this:

            class aRecord {
            private var Id:Number = 0;
            private var Data:String = "";
            public function aRecord():void {
            this.Id = id;
            this.Data = data;

            Sorry my poor English but I'm glad this will be any help with you...
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              Jumru Level 1
              Suama, Thanks for responding. Will look into this.

              The object is simply a java object e.g CustomerRequest The class defn is part of the WSDL and is as follows :

              - <element name="CustomerRequest">
              - <complexType>
              <element name="id" nillable="true" type="xsd:string" />
              <sequence />


              The above object needs to be sent as part of the web service call via Flex 2. Hope it helps.