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    director won't work on OS X: "This application requires Shockwave Player 11"


      Taking a Macromedia Director project and upgrading to Adobe Director (needing to upgrade for several reasons), I found that the published app no longer works on OS X.  The error message appears as follows:


      "Application Error


      This application requires Shockwave Player 11, which can not be found. Click OK to download it."


      In console:

      Error loading /(path)/my.app/Contents/Frameworks/IMLLib.framework/IMLLib: dlopen(/(path)/my.app/Contents/Frameworks/IMLLib.framework/IMLLib, 262): no suitable image found. Did find: /(path)/my.app/Contents/Frameworks/IMLLib.framework/IMLLib: unknown file type, first eight bytes: 0x58 0x53 0x79 0x6D 0x0A


      I made sure that it was being published as a projector, and not as a shockwave.  I also tried publishing to an HFS filesystem as opposed to local to an ntfs system (I'm running Adobe Director on Vista).  Oddly enough, when I originally ran this project on an XP machine (now deceased) this issue did not occur.


      Thanks in advance to any help anyone can give!