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    Same Buttons on Interface throughout multiple Scenes

    Macnimation Level 1



      I have a project that requires building the project using Scenes to chunk up different sections of an Elearning course.


      I have created 20 Scenes.


      Each Scene uses the same interface design.


      On the Interface there are 6 specific buttons that will allow users to visit 6 instructional areas.


      All six buttons will be avialable in all 20 Scenes.


      My question is: is it possible to replicate the six buttons across all 20 scenes without having to provide unique instance names for each button in all 20 scenes so that the code to go to a scene will work in each Scene?


      Or do I just have to code all 180 buttons individually as I go?


      What I mean is for example.


      The Lesson 1 button is replicated 20 times. the lesson one button has actionscript to go to the Lesson 1 Scene.


      If I replicate the button to another Scene, I have to give it a different instance name, and update the code for that button each time and for all buttons.


      I hope this makes sense.


      Its funny that , Scenes are considered to be part of one big timeline, yet with actionscript it is only functional within a specific Scene.