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    Info regarding Kona and Cuda working together from AJA

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      Very positive enlightening info from Thad, Product Manager at AJA...


      Hi All,

      To  be clear here, an AJA KONA or Io Express card WILL work in conjunction  with Adobe approved nVidia 'CUDA' cards, and the GPU acceleration  provided by the Mercury Engine.


      When using an AJA card for  monitoring, mastering, or other playout, the AJA cards do require that  you use an AJA preset. However, those presets allow the Mercury Engine,  including GPU acceleration, to do its thing on most file types. There  are some uncompressed 10-bit RGB file types that AJA has additional  support for, which, will not see the same GPU benefit, but for 99% of  Premiere Pro users, their nVidia and AJA cards can work together.


      The  confusion is created to some degree by the fact that the AJA plugins  for CS 5 did have some additional limitations which limited the  performance bonus realized by the GPU acceleration when working in an  AJA seqeuence in Premiere Pro. However, with CS 5.5, the performance  bonus is greatly increased. While it is difficult to make a blanket  statement like "4 RT streams" or "4 simultaneous RT effects" due to the  number of potential variables that affect the performance of both the  AJA plugins, and Premiere Pro, I can say with high confidence that those  of you who use both an AJA video I/O card along with an approved nVidia  graphics card, will see a great performance bonus relative to using the  'software only' version of Mercury Engine.


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