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    Multi-field Interactive Stamp?  Server Accessible?


      I am trying to figure out how to create a custom multi-field stamp that prompts the user to input information into each field (but not required).  I've gotten as far as creating the stamp .pdf file and adding form fields to it, but don't know how the "Custom Calculation Script" javascript needs to work.  I am not a programmer so the javascript code i've seen in several places (acrobatusers.com, "add dynamic exhibit stamps" article by Rick Borstein) is difficult for me to translate into the needs of my interactive stamp.


      Below is what the stamp will look like, but I can't get the form fields to "activate" when I stamp another document (i.e. can't enter in data directly into the field) or prompt user for input.  It just gets placed on the document as a static flat image.




      I would also like to place the custom stamp file on our server so that any user can add this stamp to a document they're working on from their own computer.  Is this possible or will each user have to save the file to their local machine first before using it?


      Appreciate any help thrown my way.



      Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Pro v.9.4.5

      Mac OS X 10.6.7