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    manipulating object values with decorators


      Hi all,

      I have this issue


      I am trying to alter text upon pressing the up and down key in a text input. The code is as follows





      <delegates:TextInputPipDelegate textField="{fullPrice}"

                priceModel= {priceModel} />


      <s:TextInput id="fullPrice"

      text= {priceModel.priceText}/>





      public var textField : TextInput;



      public function pipUp() : Boolean {





      public function pipDown(): Boolean {





      Now the only way to insert the amount into Price.as is by creating an object of Price in TextInputPipDelegate





      public function increment (event : KeyboardEvent) : void {







      The problem here is, I need to update the value of priceModel.fullPriceText in PriceViewComponent.mxml

      How do I do that?

      Please advice. Its an emergency.


      Thank you