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    Premiere Pro Encoding Sequence Freeze


      I have a 20 minute video that I've been trying to export for all of today with no luck. I was trying to export in H.264, and I have tried all other formats as well. The encoding goes fine up until it's 9%, then it just freezes there. I read around and that thought it was the black still images I had in the sequence, so I added an opacity key-frame to all of them. Then I removed any empty spaced between video sequences. And yet I still have this problem. And for some reason Premiere Pro has become pain-staking slow. It takes a good 5-6 seconds for the screen to respond when I switch from sequence to sequence. Even queuing to Adobe Media Encoder is no good too, it freezer there as well. I've tried copying the sequence over to another spare sequence, bit-by-bit and still no luck.


      I am running the latest version; I updated my CS5 Suite two days ago. I am running Windows 7 (64x). Hardware: (Processor: Intel Xeon CPU E5420 @ 2.50Ghz (2 processors), 16 GB of memory.


      Any help would be really apprecieted. Thanks.