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    Changing wizard generated file names

    pwp69 Level 1
      I used the Coldfusion/Flex Application Wizard to create master and detail pages for a very simple app.

      The table name I used was 'user_tbl' and the model .as file created is named Useruser_tbl.as. The app works fine as is, however, I didn't like the generated name for the .as file.

      I changed the file name to User.as and changed all references appropriately in the master and detail views (Users.mxml and User.mxml)

      Now when the app is compiled I get an error:
      1067: Implicit coercion of a value of type com.myapp.views.detail:User to an unrelated type com.myapp.models:User. myapp/src/com/myapp/views/detail User.mxml /myapp/src/com/myapp/views/detail/User.mxml

      Changinging the file name and references back fixes the problem.

      What else do I need to change to get the file name change to work?

      Any help would be appreciated.