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    Media Pending then crash when re-opening projects.


      So I am running into an issue when re-opening a project it says media pending. And if you try to continue working with this up it crashes, but it will also crash after the media pending goes away and you try to scrub the time line or try to load something into preview.


      Now I have notice that this happens usually when working with jpgs in the timeline.


      The computer this is happening on is a Core2Duo 2.33ghz, 3gb ram, Nvidia GTX470, with GPU enabled MPE. All the files are on the local drive and are not stored on a nas or external drive.


      We have CS5 also loaded on another computer that this problem isn't happening.

      AMD Phenom II X4 945 (3ghz), 4gb ram, ATI HD385.


      Normally when the problem starts happening on the Core2Duo computer we copy the files over to the Phenom computer to finish the video.

      I have tried working with the Software only MPE on the Core2 machine but that doesn't help.


      I did figure out that when this does start happening I can open the project copy the contents of the time line, delete the contents of the timeline and save the file. Close premiere which will usually cause it to lock up. Reopen the project with an the empty timeline and past the contents back into it. This gets everything work like normal again.


      Does anyone have any idea how to fix this or why this might be happening?