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    Collapsible Grid Rows


      I need to implement collapsible grid rows within a single grid. I'm working on collective data where I have product groups with several items in its classification.

      This is the crude data I would like to come up with. When I click on Meat or Dairy, the items underneath should be collapsible. Also, is it possible to sort the product using its subgroup? e.g. sorting the below data would put Dairy on top followed by Meat without affecting the subitems


      Product      |     Price      |     Quantity     |
      v Meat       |                |         20       |
      Beef         |     13.5       |         15       |
      Chicken      |     11.2       |          5       |
      v Dairy      |                |        100       |
      Cheese       |     3.25       |         40       |
      Milk         |     5.15       |         60       |


      Has anyone worked on this or how do I get started? TIA!

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          athakur83 Level 1

          Try using the Advanced Data Grid component. It can handle hierarchical data.

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            sw_engr Level 1

            I tried using Advanced Data Grid but it seems like it could not handle the value from the main grouping. The Dairy and Meat groups both have quantities which I would like to be seen in the grid. The hierarchical structure presents the data like a folder where subitems are displayed accordingly but the quantity in the Dairy and Meat groups were placed in a "Not Available" subgrouping. Is there a workaround for this?