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    Info -- Bug in the Flash IDE

      This is info that may be useful to the group to help you avoid losing a lot of time.
      There is a bug in the Flash IDE relating to loss of synchronization of Instance Names between the library and the stage for object sub-objects.
      You have created a movie clip "mc" in the library that has a button with an instance name of "button1".
      You put the movie clip onto the Stage, and give it an instance name of "mc1".
      You double-click mc1, and rename the button to "button2".

      Most times the name "button2" will propogate back to the library ---- but not always.

      There are times when the stage will be holding mc1.button2 and the library will have mc.button1.
      In this case, event listeners applied to the button will not work, and attempting to rename the button (to re-sych it) will CRASH the Flash IDE.

      The workaround is to close the Flash IDE, and reopen it.
      This seems to reset something, and you can make sure that mc.button1 is name the same as mc1.button1.
      >> And your button will start responding to your code.