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    How to break connections between 2 connected peers simultaneously ?


      Hi adobians !


      I am working on RTMFP protocol and my application is just a 1-1 simple chat.


      When i open the application , after the netconnection success event , i get the nearID and keep waiting for the chat partner.

      Now i open the same application on another tab and i get a different nearID.

      So what i do is exchange those ids between 2 apps manually (as u all know) and the two streams are now connected to each other.

      Let the call them as User A and User B.


      All the messages are successfully exchanged using the NetStream.send() method between 2 users.


      User A: Hi

      User B:Hello


      Now User A want to disconnect User B and connect to him (User B) again. I use this code to disconnect User B from User A


          var nsPeer:NetStream = ns.peerStreams[0]; //peerStreams[0] since there is only 1 stream connected

      This successfully disconnects the UserB when this is called from User A disconnect button.



      Now the main problem is .... When i connect the streams again the I GET THE CHAT MESSAGE FROM UserB TWICE !


      User A:I am back

      User B:Welcome

      User B:Welcome

      (I guess UserB is still holding UserA's old stream)



      Is it possible to disconnect the stream from UserB simultaneously when UserA calls disconnect first ?



      Please help.