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    I'm a newbie with an easy question!


      Hi all,  I tried out flash last night and created a nice animation of moving pngs of text. Firstly I chose to make an actionscript 3... I don't get what that means. I'm wanting to make a flash animation to go on the intro page of a website and as action script was the first option I went with it.   With my animation I created an swf and chose to preview it and the text cut off on the sides. I'm basically wanting to know if I need to change settings so that it fits a web browsers window, or is that the responsibility of the web designer to stretch out the swf file? Please can someone advise!!!? Xx

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          smitchell94 Level 2

          Well firstly i reccomend Dreamweaver by Adobe, its a HTML Editor that makes web development so much easier, if you downoad the trial and see it they have a feature for supporting swf files which is the file that you get whehn you publish it.

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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You should include a screenshot that displays what you are describing as far as text going off the sides.  If content is being cut off when you test the file, then I would guess the content exceeds the stage boundaries, though I might not have the right idea of what the problem is.  Enlarging the stage dimensions could be one fix for that.


            As far as AS3 goes, there are currently three versions of Actionscript, where AS3 is the most recent version.  You can choose which version a file uses via a setting in the Flash section of the Piblish Settings interface.

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