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    Flash Builder - Design View - can't resize/move objects anymore.

    Parma_Ed Level 1

        So, I've downloaded the 60 day trial of Flash Builder 4.  I've been working with it for about 2 days and everything has been going fine.  However, for some unknown reason, my design view panel just suddenly stopped working properly.  I see the components (and the gray outlines of my containers) I'm working with, but when I try to click on them, I do not get that blue resizing outline with the handles.  I see the properties panel change when I click different components, but I get no outline.  So, I can no longer resize in this view.  I also can't move components/containers around.  I can only click on them and watch the properties panel change.  I do not believe I've hit any sort of option in the menus.  I closed the application and started it up again with the same result.  I even rebooted my machine and tried again.  As of right now, this problem seems to be permanent.  Any ideas?  Thanks for your time.