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    Publishing Flash through a CS extension




      I'm planning a CS Extension that we are soon to be building. One of the requirements for this plugin is that you can Save and Publish when working on a FLA in Flash.


      Our plugin will have a save button, and when this button is clicked the FLA will be published into a SWF.


      I'm not sure if this is possible through a CS plugin, there doesn't seem to be any examples of this and there isn't a CSAW library for Flash that may provide a way to link to this functionality.


      Can anyone tell me if this is possible?





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          david_a_clark Adobe Employee

          I don't have much experience with Flash Pro scripting so can't give you a yes or no off the top of my head


          But it is possible for a CS extension to make calls from ActionScript to both JavaScript and to native plug-ins.


          If no one else can give you a more direct answer, I would suggest reading up on Flash Pro's JS and native extensibility API (or try their forums) and see if what you want to do is possible from those execution environments. If so then it should be possible to trigger the action from a Flash-based extension.