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    using check box selection two differnt functions ,how to do that?

    Venkatesan Balasubramanian Level 1

      hi friends,


      i am using 2windows.i am using check box in first  form.in that form i am using textinput for userid and 2 more textinput  used for some value and one save button. 2nd window i am using  textinput  for userid and one data grid,navigation button


      while  i am clicking save button that data will be store in db, In second  window using plan id i need to retrive the values which i given in the  text in put fields in the first window when i am clicking navigation  buttion.that values wil display in datagrids first line then how i will  edit second line,3rdline.4thline etc...



      them is if check box selected means datagrid will be editable,or datagrid wil  not editable.



      thanks in advance,