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    Is Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 compatible with ADE?


      I installed ADE on my laptop, but when I connect my SGT7 to the laptop, the button for this device doesn't appear in ADE.


      I can't find the device in the supported devices list, so I assume the Tab is not compatible.  If so, why not?


      What can I do to bypass ADE, and still import my eBooks (In Dutch) in my SGT7.


      Thanks in advance for any help




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          Jensen, if it's not on the list, ADE doesn't support it.  BUT, the list is

          pretty vague on the Galaxy, stating only that ADE supports "eBook Reader on

          Galaxy Tab Android" (Here

          <http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices> is the list).


          I tried to visit Samsung's website to see what app they have on the tablet,

          and whether it would allow you to download ebooks directly to it, rather

          than through a computer with ADE.  I was not successful.  I tried also to

          see if there is another app you could use on the Galaxy, such as Bluefire or

          Overdrive.  You can go to their websites and see if one of them might be

          better for you...


          Good luck!


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            Jim_Lester Level 4

            There are two seperate questions here.

            1.) What does Adobe Digital Editions directly support by showing the device in the device list and allow for easy transfering content back and forth.


            2.) Where can I read content that I purchased (or borrwed from a Library) that is using the Adobe ebook DRM.


            Adobe's supported device list mostly just covers the first type of device, but there is some of the second type - and it really doesn't make the distinction between the two.


            The Galaxy Tab ( and almost all Android device with access to the Google Marketplace) fall into the second category.  You will need to get a copy of software built using the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK (that is the guts of Adobe Digital Editions) that allows you to add in your own content such as Aldiko (or later this year, hopefully, Bluefire Reader).  For getting the content on the device and at a place where it can be read by the application, you need to follow the direction from the producer of that application.  Just make absolutely sure that before you begin that the content you have purchased/borrowed is associated with an AdobeID - by making sure that you have AUTHORIZED Digital Editions with you AdobeID - and that you haven't done it anonymously


            Good Luck.

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              I've tried to load a borrowed library book from ADE to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with no luck even with using Aldiko.  Aldiko does autorize with my ADE account but the device is still not recognized in ADE.


              Customer Support at Aldiko said to transfer the ebook file from my computer to the internal memory of the device in the same way as I would transfer other files from my computer to the device.  I don't know how to do this because I'm not able to drag and drop the book or copy the book from ADE and I can't download the book from my public library to anything other than ADE.



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                JensenRAFC Level 1

                I installed Kobo and Aldiko on my gTab and they work fine, but I still can't import the eBooks.

                The apps have no authority to open the eBooks !


                the eBooks can only be used thru ADE... but then I can't use it on my gTab.


                When will ADE work with gTab?