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    How to divide footnotes over two pages?

    Fritschy Level 1

      Im typesetting a book with hundreds of (sometimes long) footnotes. I want a rule above the first footnote of the page. I also want footnotes to divide over two pages, if necessary. I had no problems with this in CS4 (but maybe the circumstances were different). Now I'm using CS5.

      Problem one: when there are more footnote references in the same paragraph at the bottom of the page, all the footnotes go to the next page, even when there is enough space for at least part of the first footnote. I have a workaround for it (only leave the first footnote reference in that paragraph, move the other references to somewhere on the next page, setting the text color to none, and put fake references on the original positions), but that's not ideal. Am I overlooking something?

      Problem two: I set the rule dividing body text and footnotes to 0,3 pt an 40 pt length. With a footnote split over two pages, this goes well for the first page, but on the second page there now is a thick, much longer line (the system standard rule for footnotes?). This problem didn't occur in CS4. Anyone knows whether this will be fixed? Suggestions for a workaround? Or did I do something wrong?

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Without actually seeing your document, it's hard to suggest a solution for the first. It sounds like your footnote text not only has the option to keep all lines together, but also Keep with Next.


          The 2nd problem is easy solved, though. This is *the same* as it works in CS4. In the Footnote Options dialog, you see the options for the rule On First Page, but the little drop down selector allows you access to On Next Pages as well. It works the same as with Paragraph Rules -- one dialog, but the dropdown determines which settings you change.

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            Fritschy Level 1

            Thanks for your answer.

            First problem: I checked this, there is no difference when I uncheck the Keep Lines Together option. As for the Keep with Next option, I couldn't even imagine what would happen with 700 footnotes... Anyway, using the trick I mentioned solves the problem (the first footnote in the paragraph splits correctly over two pages).

            Second problem: Strange - I have a Dutch language version and I can't find anything that resembles what you mention (see the image). As you see, there is a dropdown for the usual First baseline options and one for Line above (Lijn boven). In the latter you can only choose between "only a line above the first footnote" (my choice) or "above all footnotes (vervolgvoetnoten)".

            Is this different from the English dialog box?


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              David W. Goodrich Level 3

              This is really Jongware's to answer, but as he hasn't appeared I'll say that in my English IDCS5.5, the choices under "Rule Above" are "First Footnote in Column" and "Continued Footnotes," the same as in CS4 and probably earlier.



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                Fritschy Level 1

                Problem 2: I must have had a blind spot here, it's working fine now. Sorry for my former reply.