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    Adobe Engineering - Please Help Third Party I/O Partners

    Cutwithray Level 1

      Hello Adobe,


      I would like to ask that you take a close a look at the state of third party hardware I/O integration from you partners AJA, MATROX, and Blackmagic Design. If you browse any of the forums within the last few months, the common thread is that CS-5 and CS-5.5 is not working correctly with any of these hardware cards. I am certain that they did not try to put out an inferior product or bad drivers. There has been some speculation that the SDK kit provided to these vendors is not up to par. I am not a hardware or software engineer so I cannot speak to that speculation. What I can say is that in my own experience, I have felt the pain of all of these other users across all the different forums. If all three hardware vendors are having difficulties making their products work then I start to look at a higher level.


      Adobe..can you please get your best engineers together for a summit with the best engineers from the three partners AJA, MATROX, and Blackmagic Design and get this figured out. We want to use your software professionally, but this is holding us back.



      Ray Tragesser

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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee


          Hi Ray,


          Thanks for your comments and concerns.  I will pass along your feedback so that it is seen by the relevant contacts around here.


          We communicate regularly with our hardware partners, and have been working very closely with them to identify and solve existing bugs, as well as to take advantage of new features (such as the Mercury Playback Engine and closed captioning).


          Although I'm not in a position to discuss future, unannounced products, in broad terms we are working on some substantial improvements so that hardware partners provide even higher quality integration.  Rest assured that the team is actively working to improve hardware integration for professional workflows.




          Zac Lam

          API Engineer

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            Cutwithray Level 1

            I am really happy to hear this, but I have to say I am worried that this will manifest itself in CS-6 and not the previous two versions of CS-5 & CS-5.5. The responsiveness of a system with and without an I/O card is so night and day its really hard to believe. Hopefully one day soon having the extra feature sets that a quality I/O card provides, won't penalize the end user by making the system sluggish and full of work around's.


            I restate my original message. ANYTHING you can do to help these vendorsm please do.