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    _framesloaded=4, but _currentframe=5 ??

    abeall Level 3
      I'm noticing that _framesloaded seems to return a seemingly wrong
      number that is one less than the actual number of frames loaded. If I
      create a SWF that contains a frame-by-frame animation of large
      bitmaps(to keep download speed slow even on broadband) 8 frames long,
      and attach to different SWF:

      txt.background = true;
      onEnterFrame = function(){
      txt.text += "\n"+mc._framesloaded+" : "+mc._currentframe;


      I get(with repeats stripped out):

      0 : 1
      1 : 2
      2 : 3
      4 : 5
      6 : 7
      8 : 8

      Notice that first of all, _framesloaded appears to be one behind what
      it actually is -- how could _currentframe be on a frame that's not
      loaded, especially when I can see it? -- but then it skips the second
      to last frame, which refutes the idea _framesloaded just returns one
      index off. What's the deal?