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    If there a limit to the number of states in a FC SWF?

    Jim Wiley Level 1


      I have not used FC 5.5 yet. Is there a limit on states in a FC? Number of states within a top level state?


      I have a group of Tech Writers that do not program, but we would like to create CD GUI with FC.

      I have 31 languages. They can't link fonts and XML. They can convert fonts to outline in Illustrator though.

      They will just have to give up tooltips.


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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          You are still restricted to 20 states. Each component can also have up to 20 states.


          However, for a project like you have defined, the correct path would be to build the shell interface in Flash Catalyst, then use Flash Builder to properly compile and import the language assets. You are going to have more headaches and lost time and money trying to shoehorn in 31 languages into Flash Catalyst. But that is just my thoughts on it.


          Good luck!


          Chris Griffith