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    Merging Multiple Records across Multiple Pages


      So, I've looked through the documentation and most of the forum entries and I can't find a better solution than what I currently have.  CS5 - Master Suite


      Background info: I am producing a 20 page personalized notepad with different images / content on each page.  I've got it working no problem.  Awesome.


      Challenge: I am supposed to produce a file that is ready for a small digital run (ready to print and cut layout) multiple times per week. Layout sheet is 8.5" x 11" 3 notepad pages per sheet.  Should be setup to cut so that 20 sheets produce 3 pads vertically.  For example Sheet 1 -  John page 1, Jim page 1, Jane page 1, Sheet 2 - John page 2, Jim page 2, Jane page 2... and so on to page 20 for each of them.


      Problem:  So far...


      1.) I can get varible data across a single pad all twenty pages.  - Great

      2.) I can get multiple records to merge for page one in its three up form.   - Great

      3.) I can setup each sheet with multiple records (each in a seperate file, 20 files total) and then combine them in Acrobat. But if I only have say 18 records for one day that is a lot of work.  - Not-So-Great


      Is their a better work around?  The docs I've found so far say specifically no to multiple records over multiple pages.


      1.) Can I output the individual notepads in a pdf (one record per page, approx 3.66" x 8.5" ) with crop marks x 3 for 60 pages... and then somehow take that pdf and modify it in acrobat or something else to layout properly 3 up (or however many I want up on a sheet)?


      2.) Am I missing another possible way to have 3 different records per page across 20 varible data pages?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Not clear to me if each page is different (I think that's what you mean) or a repeat of the first page.


          If it's a repeat, you just print multiple copies. If each page is differnt, you have two choices: Set up the data file so each record contains the data for all three of the spots on the page, OR, do the merge for each individual as a single record merge top a page size that is exactly waht you want for one position, then place the merged doc into your three-up template. Use the script at InDesignSecrets » Blog Archive » Zanelli Releases MultiPageImporter for Importing both PDF and INDD Files

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            Are you working with Master Pages?

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              RenMind Level 1

              Okay so thankyou Peter Spier for the post back to try and answer my question.  I did get it solved not sure if it was what you exactly what you meant (I think it was) or not but I did come to a solution, I'll try to post it here incase it is more clear or not quite the same.


              The solutions I used modified the .csv to have the records set up differently so for instance, instead of Fname, Lname it would become Fname1, Lname1, Fname2, Lname2, Fname3, Lname3... times the number of instances (and of course variables) you have on each layout page. Then you drop the placeholders and you can use them accross multiple pages just as you would in a single record merge (because the records for each layout page are in one row, i.e. 2 varibles 3 up is Fname1, Lname1, Fname2, Lname2, Fname3, Lname3).  Its a bit more of a pain than maybe it needs to be but solves my problem as it is easy to update the varibles and more importantly if I have 18 names (6 rows) it automatically solves my collation problem that I was worried about with the multiple records solution.


              Hope this helps someome else and thanks for the response, Peter Spier you either gave me the answer I needed or got me very close!


              P.S. I did try to use master pages with multiple records but ran into similar problems, this solution will work with or without them.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                You chose option one of the two choices I mentioned.