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    Passing data between views


      How can I access user input data in say view #1 in like view #4? I collect data in several views and want to format all the fields into the final view to submit to a CFC? This is in a mobile app in Flashbuilder 4.5 using a tab layout. Is there way to equate it without having to push it? I have worked for years in ColdFusion but I'm new to Flashbuilder so excuse my ignorance, I have searched for an example without any luck.

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          Rangora Level 3

          When you push a view (with navigator.pushView), you can add data as parameter. In the new view, the data is stored in a var called data. You can send an object of any class this way. The var data is of type Object so you will have to convert it in the new view (var myData = data as myClass;).


          You could also store your data with the persistanceManager if this solution doesnt fit for your application.

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            PRJenkins Level 1

            I think my problem is using the TabbedViewNavigatorApplication you don't have access to the Tabs to trigger push and pop. So the only option seems to be to take into another format and code my own navigation bar.