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    Help: Clips rendered in AE turn blue when changing clip speed and exporting in Premiere Pro




      I've been having this problem in Premiere Pro CS5 (I'm just not sure with CS4 & ealier versions).. ok the problem is that in Premiere Pro CS5 when I change the speed of a clip that is rendered in After Effects and export it either in AVI or in MOV, it produces some blue flicker on that clip or sometimes the entire clip turns blue..This only happens when I am using Quicktime Animation codec in AE..I can't find any forum that discusses this problem..And I don't know if others are also experiencing this (except for my friend who is also experiencing this in MacOSX)..by the way my version of Premiere Pro is 5.0.3 and my After Effects is (Windows 7 x64)..I don't know know if this is a bug in PrPro or AE, or if Adobe is aware of this problem..


      Here's a video of what I am consulting to you guys for you to better understand what I'm saying.. (sorry, no audio)




      P.S.   CS5.5 users please tell me if you also experience this..


      Thanks in advance!