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    Export slow


      So I have been using Premiere Pro CS5 for a while now and I never had a problem exporting anything. Even 2 weeks ago it was fine, but now when I tried exporting something again for the first time since then, it takes a huge amount of time. To export an 8 minute clip made from AVCHD footage to FLV 720p format is taking 5 hours, when 2 weeks ago a clip like that was 10 minutes long and it took no where near that amount of time. Nothing has changed about my computer at all except Premiere Pro updating, and Windows updating. I have 64bit Windows 7.


      Anyone know what is going on?

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          My guess would be the newest 8 minute piece has something different about it that requires a lot more time to render.

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            CancerousAction Level 1

            That's what I thought but it's made up of essentialy the same things, they were different parts for one project. I also made it in the same way, which was speeding it up in After Effects, then importing the saved file into Premiere Pro, then adding the titles, music and tranistions I needed and exported it. Right now I just did everything soely in After Effects and now it is only taking an hour and a half to export.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              Try one of your projects from a few weeks ag, and see if it is processed more slowly now than it was then. If the same project is  processed more slowly, then the system has changed; if the same project is processed at the same speed as before, then it's your new project that is different and is causing the different behavior.

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