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    Flash Catalyst CS5.5 Scale to fit the Browser size.




      I've create a website and when i preview on my browser ( 1280x664 website size) it look very good ,but when i try to see it from a different desktop will smaller or bigger size my website is croped ,some important functions are croped.


      I've been all the day looking in internet trying to fund a solution how to fix this but nothing.


      I saw an article that explaind how to fix that in flash catalyst cs5 and i tried to but didnt work


      so please help me to tell me how to make this work, i want just my website to get scaled

      ''to work in any monitor size''


      Thank you

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          Could you add a link to your site here at all ? That would help with some workarounds maybe.


          I have noticed that many of the professional websites designed by web-agencies use a common design. They design the content to fit the majority of users who can view and do seem to view at around 800 x 450 - take a look at this as a good reference point.


          They then place the main content in a container - and centre it - so that it moves with fluidity - as the users resize the browser window, the content stays central on the page. Often a background image is used behind the main content - and the background image can be scaled to fit the window.


          There are some good examples like Carl Cox's Intec Label Website and some more at a great London Design Agency called bobbentleydesign.com


          You will note that many of these sites use the same method. Since such reputable designers use the same methods I would assume there's a damn good reason to do it that way, it must be the best way available . . . if there was a reliable way to scale everything then I would bet these pro's would be doing so - but they dont.


          Sorry I do not have the kind of solution that you are looking for. I am not a pro and very new to CS5 myself but I hope it may help you out. I think you are looking for something that can not be done effectively or consistently but I may be wrong. Perhaps someone knows but in the meantime . . . work around it.

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            aniseplanet Level 1

            Thank you for yor Reply and your Advice. I know that the designer must see the moniotors references and from wich customers with be more visited ,

            but i thought that with flash catalyst it will be easy done,


            but at least how can i activate the scrollbars in order even the small monitors can see?


            my website

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              k3dj Level 1

              I took a look through the code and I noticed the css style has 'overflow' set to 'auto'


              Remember I am a newbie and not a pro but I think that if you want the scroll bars to show - then you should change that styling and set it to 'scroll'


              For more information on this take a look at this . . .




              It's a good resource site for reference and there are great examples which help all us newbies understand these things a little better.


              I do however reserve the right to be over ruled by the pros that post here ; ) If I am wrong then hopefully one of them will help you out.

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                aniseplanet Level 1

                That doesn't seem to work , it shows the scroll panel but they are inactive,

                do you know maybe how to activate the scroll through flash builder?


                thank you!

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                  k3dj Level 1

                  That's a massive NO - sorry aniseplanet - I use CS5 Web Premium and I am a newbie to all intensive purporses. I have been finding my way around Flash Pro and Flash Catalyst to date. My background was Print Media originally, more Magazine and Ad Design so I am much more familair with Photoshop and Illustrator and some previous knowledge of Dreamweaver helped but I have no idea about Flash Builder at all. That's a massive step up for most people.


                  I think you need to get some advice from those with more knowledge and as far as Flash Builder goes, they are quite rare. I am sure someone will show up if you give it time, maybe make a new post in the Flash Builder Forum. Sorry I could not be of more help and I hope you get some guidance soon.


                  Best Wishes and Good Luck.