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    Inserting row with different number of cells


      Hello all,


      I'm a new user.  I have a table that has three columns and 4 rows.  I want to add a row at the bottom that will have 5 columns.  I thought that I could insert a section and then edit the section independently from the rest of the table but this is not working.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.



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          radzmar Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          tables generally have the same number of columns in all rows.

          So, you can create a table with initailly five columns and for those rows you only need 4 of them you merge two table cells.

          Or, you simply hide the fifth colum in those rows you don't need them.


          Finally you also can build a kind of tables with subforms by yourself.

          This method offers more flexibility as a regular table.

          For each row a subform (flowed > left to right) with all text fields etc..

          And all those subforms wrapped in another subform (flowed > top to bottom).


          You better don't try to combine two tables with a different number of colums.

          The tables in Designer are very fragle and Designer often get's messed up by those things or crashes!