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    How to delete unused boxes after DataMerge?

    MaLer.cz Level 1

      I use DataMerge for filling of layout where are color boxes as background and white text on them. On same pages there is less of texts than boxes, so i must then delete unused boxes manualy (5 boxes on each page - 3 of them have text, so i must delete 2 boxes - repeat on 1000 pages :). I really would like to find some way how to delete unused boxes automagically. Only thing which i was able to "invent" so far is importing text not just to text boxes, but to color boxes as well (with small size of text and color same as box) and then try to find and delete empty boxes with some kind of script. Isn't there any way how to change color of box conditionally? I'm using conditional text formatting (basically i can format text in InDesign with HTML tags :), so i would like to apply object styles as well.


      Thanks for help!