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    Extremely new and need help


      I received an ereader for my bday.....no idea what the brand is, it was bought from dinodirect and it says Miroad on their website.  I can download pdf files that I create and an occasional ebook that I've tried.  Problem now is that I can't read ANYTHING from Adobe Digital Editions.  The books will transfer over just fine but when I try to read them on my ereader, I get a "file open error".  Any idea if there is anyway to fix this?  I've bought a couple of books that are all on ADE and now I can't get them on this ereader.....really upset and disappointed....

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          Happy birthday!


          It seems that everybody sells an ereader these days and dinodirect doesn't

          tell you much about how to make it work, what software you need and how you

          go about getting it to work.


          I looked at the list of supported devices from Adobe HERE

          <http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishing/supported-devices> and there's no

          mention of this ereader/tablet.  So I'm guessing that, because the ereader's

          OS is Android, that Digital Editions is able to talk to it, but maybe not



          I looked at the website to try to figure out this device. There are several

          comments about the Kindle and Kindle 2, but it's hard for me to figure out

          whether they're just comparing their unit to the Kindle or whether it's a

          Kindle clone.  If it is a Kindle clone, then it may expect ebook files to be

          in the proprietary Amazon format, whether it's an EPUB, PDF or some other

          format.  That would explain the open error.


          The website does say that it comes with a User Manual, so maybe that will

          tell you more about how to get this thing working with ebook websites.  I'm

          not hopeful, though, because it's obviously a product aimed at the Chinese

          market that's now being sold in the US.