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    Custom URL Scheme Data?


      I've been able to configure both an Android and iOS deployment that define custom URL schemes for my app. Custom URL schemes allow the developer to define a rule that matches a URL which will launch their app. For example, if my app is named TestFoo, I can define a custom URL scheme like testfoo://... that would cause the OS to launch my application.




      Now here's the question.


      In a native iOS or Android app, you can capture the URL that was used to launch the app. So if the user clicked on a link like testfoo://?customId=1, the app can use that customId. In iOS the URL is given as a command line argument into launching the executable (or at least it was a while back).


      I've gone through all of the init, creationComplete and activate events. I can't find a command line arguments, or passed in variables array. Anyone know if the custom URL is available at launch or activation?