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    Reset on app Closure


      I have a android app that I am developeing and when I close the app (go to the home screen) then re-open the app its opens within the same page that it was closed.


      What I would like is to detect the closing of the app and reset the start page back to the beginnning, I have looked but cannot find anyhing relating to this.


      Using Flash Builder 4.5 on a mobile project mainly flex so I cna learn flex and not an actionscript project.


      Many Thanks in advance


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          s_davies Level 1

          I have used AS to detect if the android phones HOME, MENU and BACK button where pressed and all working but obviously when the home button is pressed it closes


          I was hoping to call a function on detecting the home button that woudl pop to the first view before closing thus when opened its looks as if its started again, but nothing, I knwo thes code works as I have a menu pop up on pressing the menu button on the device and trace a message out on the back button.


          Am i missing something or is there an easy way to refresh the app / restart it on close ect



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            s_davies Level 1

            I have moved this thread to some where appropriate sorry, http://forums.adobe.com/thread/878880