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    Email End-Point Input/Output missing

    BCinHOU Level 1

      I'm trying to configure an email endpoint but I am unable to configure the input/output parameters.  I found the below thread which sounds exactly like my problmem except the solution does not work.  If I go to AdminUI, I do not see how to change it from variable to literal.  Any other ideas?




      btw, I'm using LC 9.0 SP2.

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          Diana Densmore Level 3


          The issue referred to in your link was actually resolved in SP1 for 9.0.

          Since you are using SP2, you should not be required to change anything in adminui.


          Did you mark your variable as "input"?

          If you do this, then you should see and Inputs/Outputs tab on the email startpoint.

          If you then add %SUBJECT% in your Input data filter, this should not require you to do anything else.

          Once deployed, if you then look in the adminui, this input should appear as Variable not literal.



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            BCinHOU Level 1

            That did the trick.  The input/Output steps are missing unless the variables are setup correctly.  Another great example of poor documentation.